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It's almost time for the holidays and we're all starting to worry more about our appearance. We want to lose weight to feel more comfortable on the beach and many times we go on very unhealthy diets to lose it quickly. The problem is that these diets can seriously harm our health and then have a rebound effect and gain even more weight.

For this reason, to achieve a good physique during the summer, we have to take care of ourselves during the winter. Striving since June to have the body of our dreams in August is impossible, it is already too late. But there are certain measures we can take that are healthy to look better.


1. The basis of your diet has to be vegetables. Include vegetables in all your meals and this, in addition to providing a large amount of nutrients important for health, will help you stay satisfied while providing you with few calories.

2. Your plate must have the following distribution: half of the plate must be made up of vegetables, both vegetables and fruit. A quarter of the plate will be for carbohydrates: cereals, potatoes, bread, etc. The other quarter will be for protein: meat, fish, legumes...

3. Introduce diuretic foods into your diet such as pineapple, papaya, cucumber, asparagus, etc. They will help eliminate liquids and reduce volume.

4. Drink infusions, such as green tea, during the day. They are diuretics and will help you expel liquids. Plus, they will help you stay full.

5. Eat when hunger starts to appear. Don't wait, this way you will avoid arriving at the meal too hungry and eating more than necessary.

6. Eat on small plates. It will help you eat less and control your portions.

7. Don't snack between meals. Snacking makes you unconsciously add up calories consumed during the day and makes it difficult to lose weight.

8. Eliminate processed and fried foods. These types of foods are very high in calories and salt and, at the same time, not very satiating, which will make us want to eat in a short time.

9. Drink two liters of water a day and avoid alcohol, juices and soft drinks. These drinks provide many calories, but very few nutrients.

10. Eat slowly and chew a lot. This will help you eat less and have a feeling of greater satiety.

11. Move daily. Get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise a day and walk as much as you can. A good way to add steps to your daily life is to avoid using public transport or the car as much as possible.


In addition to taking care of our diet and exercising, we can use different treatments that can help us achieve better and faster results. For example:

– Massages

- Lymphatic drainage


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