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Body treatments

All our body treatments are personalized 100%, prior diagnosis and free body measurements. We depend on the time you have to do a program tailored to you, in which you will notice a rewarding, spectacular result, without forgetting that to achieve our objectives, it is necessary to regulate many external day-to-day factors.

Facial Treatments

Our philosophy in facial treatments is always prevention, that is, taking care of yourself as soon as possible so that over the years you have radiant, luminous skin that speaks for itself.

Our products range from organic and vegan, to specific products for each skin type in which the sensory role is very important, products that improve physical and emotional well-being.

Therapeutic Treatments

For which we became known 30 years ago under the concept of Urban Spa. We have been perfecting our manual techniques in different types of massages, both relaxing and therapeutic; in addition to adding such important treatments as Lymphatic Drainage, Foot and Facial Reflexology, Reiki, Bach Flowers, and more.

Relaxation rituals

Our rituals will transport you to a state of complete relaxation, combining different Balneotherapy, Manual, and Sensory techniques in the 5 senses.

We have not only thought about these 3 important points; but we go further, in the concept of relaxation, since for us it is very important that as soon as you enter the cabin your body and mind can disconnect from daily stress. We have more than 15 Rituals designed for men and women.

Nutrition and Naturopathy

Our protocols are not designed to go on a diet so that you can lose excess weight; but to change your eating habits little by little so that you include them in your daily and family life, and stop thinking about Diet as that word so feared by everyone.

We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy meals and social life, without neglecting your internal health and your figure on the outside, but we also do not want these changes to cause stress enough for you to stop after 1 month.

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