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Colostrum VG Serum. 30ml. Biologique Recherche.

Colostrum VG Serum from Biologique Recherche.

Serum indicated for Instantly Extremely Dehydrated Skin. It incorporates a combination of plant active ingredients, hence its name VG (vegetable), and performs a double function: Moisturizing and relipidating.

This Serum includes all the elements of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), and is rich in amino acids. In topical applications, it enhances the hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and collagen synthesis. It contributes to maintaining the elasticity of the skin, and prevents the formation of wrinkles.


Dehydrated Skin Instant:
Lack of comfort and elasticity, feeling of tightness.
Fine wrinkles caused by dehydration in fragile areas (eye area)
Dull appearance, devitalized skin with a lack of luminosity.
Skin rough to the touch.
Instant of severely dehydrated skin:
Constant feeling of itching, tightness and lack of comfort.
Accentuated wrinkles in fragile areas (eye and lip contour).
Pale tone, matte appearance.
Rough and rough skin.
Dryness and flaking.
Thin and reactive skin.




Recommended for times of severely dehydrated skin (water and lipid deficiency).

Essential for mature skin.

Ideal for young, prematurely aged skin.

Ideal after Laser, peeling or dermabrasion.

Repairs the Hydrolipid Film.


Its use is recommended with the A-Glyca Serum, on skin constantly exposed to intense sources of heat, as a prevention of signs of photoaging.

Additional information

Mode of Use

After applying the treatment milk and the P50 lotion suitable for Skin Instant, apply the Colostrum VG Serum to the neckline, neck and face.

Massage upwards, until completely absorbed.

The Colostrum VG Serum from Biologique Recherche has the following COMPOSITION:


Water Plantain Extract (Alisa)


Luffa Oil (Luffa Cylindrica).

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