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Masque Toleskin [M]. 1 pc. (1 veil + 1 Serum 15ml.). Biologique Recherche.

Masque Toleskin [M] from Biologique Recherche.

Repairing, moisturizing and replenishing mask and serum that act in synergy.

Especially indicated for intolerant, sensitive, irritated and/or very dehydrated skin, with a poor or altered skin barrier.

The result is silky skin, without flaking and without signs of tightness; uniform tone and reduction in the degree of heat and intensity of redness; higher degree of hydration and strengthened skin tone.

True epidermal reconditioner, it restores damaged, irritated, altered and severely dehydrated skin (outdoor sports, prolonged exposure to the sun, peeling, laser, etc.).

Repairs the skin barrier and comforts the epidermis, providing immediate relief.


Indispensable ally for reactive, sensitized skin with a low tolerance threshold. Toleskin [M] is the specific treatment veil formulated based on 2 axes of action:

Soothing and anti-inflammatory.
Moisturizing and replenishing.


Restores altered, irritated and severely dehydrated skin.
Repairs the skin barrier and comforts the epidermis, providing immediate relief.
Reduces the feeling of tightness.
Reduces roughness, flaking and paleness of the face.
Provides luminous, silky, intensely hydrated and protected skin.

The Masque Toleskin [M] from Biologique Recherche, has the following composition:


Frankincense extract.
Heart seed extract.


Luffa oil.
Blackcurrant seed oil.

Additional information

Mode of Use

After preparing the skin with milk and P50 lotion instantly adapted to the skin, apply the Toleskin Masque [M], following the instructions for use:

Open the Toleskin Masque [M] blister from the top and insert the Toleskin serum. Empty the entire serum container into the blister.
Press the blister, massaging gently with your fingers to evenly distribute the serum over the entire veil.
Remove the film from the blister and unfold it completely to remove the protective film, which must be discarded. Place the veil over the face, adapting it to the facial contour. Press the mask lightly with your fingertips to prevent the formation of air pockets. Let it act for 20 minutes.
At the end of the exposure time, remove the veil and press it into a ball to extract the excess serum. Also take advantage of the serum that remains on the walls of the blister, and apply it again to the entire face, as well as to the neck and décolleté if necessary.

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